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Virginia Sex Crimes Lawyer

Very few criminal allegations or indictments can have a more severe and permanent impact on one’s life than the charges of sex crimes. Most other criminal allegations carry punishments of fines and possible jail time. However, a sex crime conviction will require the person to register in a sex offender database for life. Registered sex offenders cannot reside too closely to a park, school, or other areas where children gather. Moreover, they face immense obstacles to gaining a decent job or maintaining a career.

Defending against False Allegations and Accusations

When you face false accusations of a sex crime, the incident has the potential to destroy your life and livelihood. If you have been accused of a sex crime, whether you are innocent or guilty, you need a fully dedicated, tenacious, and experienced Virginia sex crimes lawyer to represent you as quickly as possible. The stakes are staggeringly high in these cases. The quicker you act to call Jezic & Moyse LLC, the quicker we can act to mitigate the potential damage of a false accusation.

Sex crimes carry with them a unique stigma, and even the slightest offense can cause years of difficulty finding employment or housing. Regardless of innocence or guilt, frequently the public rushes to judgment, but that alone does not convict you. Jezic & Moyse, LLC will apply their combined years of experience and expert legal defense skills to protect you and your rights.

Types of false accusations can include:

  • A physician falsely accused by a mentally ill patient
  • Parent falsely accused by a child who resents being disciplined
  • Cab driver falsely accused by a passenger who craves attention
  • Stepfather falsely accused by a resentful stepdaughter

Whether you face criminal charges for child pornography, rape, online solicitation of minors, or a difference sex crime, you must have an experience attorney to advocate for your rights. Contact Jezic & Moyse, LLC immediately to protect yourself.

Sex Crime Convictions are Life Altering

If you are convicted of a sex crime, you will face lengthy, mandatory prison terms, followed by long periods of probation and post-release scrutiny and supervision.

Moreover, a sex crime conviction will affect your life negatively long after the sentence has been served. Sex offenders in Virginia must register with the Sex Offender Registry maintained by the Virginia State Police. This database contains the names, addresses, and photographs of all registered sex offenders in the state, and anyone with an Internet access can view the information. Failure to register with the database and report changes in a timely fashion can result in additional criminal charges.

Aggressive Defense Strategies against Sex Crimes Accusations

Prosecutors make an art form out of sounding convincing; however, that does not prove that you are guilty. Our job as your Fairfax County sex crimes lawyer includes protecting and advocating for your rights every step of the way. We fight to suppress evidence if police officers acted without obtaining a proper search warrant or conducted themselves outside the limits of the warrant’s terms.

In addition, we work with Internet and computer experts who can evaluate online evidence to determine if your computer has been hacked or if someone else downloaded illegal pornographic photos onto your computer without your knowledge.

We are prepared to conduct extensive discovery and find any evidence that can be used to defend you. A critical component of our defense strategy involves mitigating any potential penalties you may face. We endeavor to stay ahead of the prosecutor, while protecting your freedom and constitutional rights.

Contact an Experience, Aggressive Virginia Sex Crimes Lawyer

Our combined experience of pursuing the best possible outcomes for our clients accused of committing sex crimes will help ensure a satisfactory outcome for your case.

If law enforcement questions you about any involvement in a crime, charges you with a felony or misdemeanor offense, or arrests you on a criminal complaint, you have a Constitutional right to have an attorney. Prior to answering questions or providing any statements to law enforcement, contact Clifford Clapp at Jezic & Moyse, LLC., so that he can advise you immediately on how to protect your rights. Through diligence, experience, and integrity, he will seek every option to resolve your case in acquittal, dismissal, reduced charges, or the lightest sentence.

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